Are you looking for a good investment of your cryptocurrency? There are so many possible investments right now that is hard to choose between all of them. To help you in this difficult task, our blog reviews the best ICOs of the moment for you.

Today, we are going to review the PROPS project, designed by YouNow.

What Is PROPS?

PROPS is a project of a decentralized ecosystem of video applications designed by YouNow, a streaming company. The idea of this project is to create an environment in which the content creators will receive a bigger share of their content.

In this environment, a new token, PROPS, would be used for its users to create a system in which they can pay for the content and be rewarded with PROPS for their interactions. This way, both the content producers and the users could get rewards, differently from the current system used on sites like Youtube, in which the owners of the site get almost all of the profit.

How Does PROPS Work?

The objective of the project is to create an interactive video platform in which all would be paid and rewarded with their tokens. This way, all of the involved would be directly interested in creating an environment that works.

Another important aspect of the PROPS plan is the release of the Rize app. Rize will be the first app to use this new cryptocurrency. It will provide custom video experiences that will work on a “many-to-many” level. The users can, for example, watch a football game while they all stream videos of themselves.

How To Invest In PROPS?

At the time of this report, PROPS still did not have a definite date for their ICO. The ICO was planned to be happening right now in November, but with the events that could be caused by the possible hard fork caused by Segwit2x (which was “officially” canceled at the time of this report), they delayed their ICO for some time.

To invest in this company, you have to buy their tokens when the ICO finally starts. If you are an early adopter, you will receive a bonus during the sale. This bonus could go as far as 100%.

PROPS Verdict

Should you invest in PROPS? It definitely looks like an innovative project with plenty of potential for success, so it will probably be a solid investment for you. The main type of people that should invest in PROPS early are professionals that work with video or users that have a direct interest in using this program.

YouNow already has plenty of external investors and partners, so you would not be backing a start-up, but a company that already is a success. Also, their CEO, Adi Sideman, has a vast experience in the field, so he is someone that you can probably trust.

PROPS is definitely a valid investment. If you are interested in this company, don’t wait before investing. If you want to know more about other ICOs, just be sure to browse our blog.


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