What Is YouRa?

This is a new company that is designed to be one of the best team-based cryptocurrencies on the market. There is a whitepaper on the site you can use to study more about the platform.

How Does YouRa Social Network Communication Blockchain Work?

Youra is a company that is ready to share as many as 50,000,000 tokens on the live market that will be known as YRC tokens. The most active users are said to get rewarded after the phase of distribution. The platform is also said to be ready for release in multiple languages. And there is currently a pool of as many as 7,000,000 tokens.

Not only that, but there is also a referral program that is another way you can make money with the platform. Unfortunately, when it comes to systems like this – referral systems are actually red flags. They’re a sign that the company isn’t focused on the solution the company will solve, but rather on the amount of money that they can make from bringing people into the organization.

There has been a lot of issues as of late when it comes to companies launching ICOs and using the hype around cryptocurrency to push the sale. But in reality, there is a very strong chance that most of these companies won’t survive longer than the ICO they are pushing.

When a company is looking for investors, but the only thing they have to push is an affiliate program or lending platform – then there is a very good chance that it is a scam company. Youra, as far as we can tell looks to be on the same level as the rest of these companies that are basically just ripping people off who are new to the business and naïve.

This company is promising to do things differently and to use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to make some major changes in the industry. They are also using sites like Instagram and LinkedIn as well.

YouRa YRC ICO Details

This is a new ICO, cryptocurrency company that is looking for investors to help them raise capital for their new startup. Before you go an invest a bunch of time and capital into Youra, make sure to take a deep look at their blockchain technology and verify that it’s working correctly.

As of now, they are looking for people to get in as fast possible who can help promote the company and take it to another level. But in reality, this is the same type of message that almost all of the new ICOs are spreading when looking for investors. And Just because a company like Youra says something, doesn’t mean it’s true.

But at the same time, it’s not to say this isn’t a company that you can count on. There is a chance that Youra is a quality company that you can get a lot of success with. And, as long as you’re smart with the company and don’t invest blindly, you’ll likely be ok.

Token Distibution

  • 10 % advisors and partners
  • 5% bounty campaign
  • 10 % team
  • 25% YouFund
  • 50% ICO

Funds Distribution

  • 12 % – payments to initial investors
  • 7 % – legal, fees
  • 10 % – partners, team
  • 28 % – project development, licensing
  • 43% – marketing and promotion


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