As their slogan states, YourBlock aims to build something amazing. The blockchain-based comparison and incentivized personal data storage platform is founded on the need for consumers to have somewhere safe and secure to store their data—data that they use on a daily basis to manage their everyday lives.

According to their whitepaper, YourBlock seeks to initiate a blockchain-based Digital Filing cabinet that enables consumers to store, control, and manage their personal data. The platform combines the security, privacy, and scalability of private storage with the data integrity, immutability, and accountability of the public Ethereum blockchain.

In the end, consumers will be able to interact securely with third parties, take up services, manage paperwork, communicate, and record communication.

Toward Digital Revolution

In a bid to reshape the way personal data works online, YourBlock aims to utilize the blockchain technology to bring users the Internet of Value, which will reshape the world of transactions and data for both businesses and consumers. To achieve that goal, the platform implements the following components.


YourBlock will store the consumer’s personal and sensitive data on its own private blockchain. Besides, it will anchor to the public Ethereum blockchain to provide and achieve immutability.

GDPR Compliance:

The platform ensures automated compliance with the EU’s new complex General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Consumer Control:

YourBlock allows both businesses and consumers to operate with total transparency. Concisely, the platform is a fully secure and private blockchain-based Digital Filing Cabinet that will enable you to store, control, and manage your personal data.

Key Features of YourBlock


Private Blockchain, linked to public Ethereum Blockchain

Consumer control:

Provides consumers secure access to quotes for products and services, anytime and anywhere.

YBK Tokens:

Used for discounts on products and services. Awarded upon completion of transactions.


It offers service providers a secure platform to upload their pricing and underwriting matrix.

Smart contracts:

Smart contracts between consumers and service providers are completed on the Blockchain. In the end, the platform achieves immutability and data integrity.

Data integrity:

Provides timely and accurate information to service providers and suppliers. This allows them to quote with a higher level of accuracy and lower risk factor.

YourBlock Token Sale and Basic Terms

YourBlock intends to supply 200 million YBK tokens, of which 30% will be sold to the public during the crowd token sale. Each YBK token is equivalent to 0.50 Euros. YourBlock targets a soft cap of 5 million Euros and a hard cap of 30 million Euros.

The presale starts on December 11, 2017, at 12 noon. The platform offers a discount of up to 40% on the presale YBK tokens, but lock-in period will apply. Presale ends on January 8, 2018, at 11 am. The main sale picks up on the same date (January 8, 2018) and ends on February 19, 2018.

What Makes YourBlock Unique?

Consumers and service providers will derive various benefits from the platform. For instance, consumers will have financial savings based on the sharing commission and origination fees. On the other hand, service providers will have improved consumer data quality and much more.

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