What Is YouToken?

YouToken is being developed as a crowdfunding platform that is powered by the blockchain. This platform has the goal of converting human intelligence into tokens. The platform will help investors to establish a connection via tokens. Entrepreneurs will sell their ideas on the YouToken platform while investors will be able to purchase the human intelligence.

Because of this, talented entrepreneurs will quickly gain access to financial support for projects. In return, investors will have the chance to invest in another potential Steve Jobs. The platform will introduce users to a new type of asset called Human Intelligence.

How YouToken Blockchain Human Intelligence Coin Will Work

On this platform, any user will be able to sell their idea in the form of a personalized token to get financial assistance. Just as large companies sell shares on the stock market, YouToken entrepreneurs sell their Human Intelligence in the form of a financial asset. The team behind this platform has a strong background in Digital Media, Fintech, and the crypto fields.

As a team, they have built the online trading firms Libertex and FXclub. They have also created an online media resource found in Investory and designed more than a hundred smart contracts for distinguished ICO and blockchain projects such as TargeAd and ICO bazaar.

In all the projects that they partake, the team adheres to the principles of good governance, integrity, and sustainable growth. This is the reason why they are selling a small share of the tokens. This way, they will be incentivized a working product and increase the market cap of YTN tokens. It is as opposed to the common model where tokens are sold, and all the cash received without a product having been developed.

YouToken YTN Token ICO Details

The public presale and private sale started on April 2 and is set to end on April 30, 2018. The main ICO will start on May 1, 2018 and will run through June 30, 2018. You can invest in the YTN token using Ethereum for payment.

The value of the YouToken platform will be expressed in YTN tokens. These tokens are assets which can be sold or traded on digital coin exchanges. The number of entrepreneurs that register on the platform will influence the price of the tokens. Additionally, the quality of the proposed projects will affect the price.

Besides the YTN tokens, investors can access the entrepreneurs individual tokens which will be called “YTN_creatorname.” These unique tokens will represent the individual value of each entrepreneur. The tokens are a tradable asset that can be bought and sold in the internal exchange.

YouToken Target Audience

Disadvantaged entrepreneurs will be the main target. Specifically, they plan to attract creators at the early stage of the idea without access to conventional crowdfunding. They also plan to target investors who have experience in the financial markets and traditional crowdfunding. These are investors searching for human intelligence investments.


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