Crypto Youtuber in Brazil has Passport Barred for Criticizing Tax Revenue Service

Daniel Fraga has become an established Youtuber, who has been a devoted supporter of bitcoin ever since it came into existence. Unfortunately, his horrible choice of words prevented him from leaving Brazil, as he supposedly criticized the country’s revenue service agency, the Receita Federal on his video.

The piece was first unveiled by Brazil’s local news platform, Portal do Bitcoin and it appears that Fraga will be taken to court. In particular, the Youtuber supposedly spoke negatively of the revenue service agency members, namely, Claudio Marcio Oliveira Damasceno and Mario Pereira de Pinho Filho in a video he dubs as, “Receita Federal Teaches us to steal”.

So, what did Fraga exactly say for him to be in this much trouble? This video dates back to 2015, in which he used one of the mentioned auditors’ image as the backdrop. He then accused the individual for being one of several agents for stealing from the mass population.

As per his quotes, he shared that they are “the worst bandits in existence, and a bunch of tie-wearing thieves looking to steal from the people.”

Since the video has gained mass exposure, the Brazilian government decided to take action, and its first effort was to suspend Fraga’s passport altogether. Based on what the Portal do Bitcoin reported, Fraga did not only lose his passport, but also other government-issued IDs as well as his opportunities to grow within the internet sector altogether.

The extract reads:

“It was further determined, by court order, that his voter’s title, any Internet service contracted by him or in which he was in any beneficiary, should be suspended […] suspending and preventing the renewal of his driver’s license.”

The case allegedly was not only base off of one of Fraga’s videos, but also another, in which Fraga’s name-calling put him in more trouble. Based on the claims made, Fraga called Receita Federal’s auditors a mix of “thieves, idiots, bums, donkeys” to name the least.

Daniel Fraga, as previously mentioned, was an advocate for bitcoin when it was sitting at single digital values. His first exposure comes from his comments on a case which dealt with a politician suing him for the removal of memes that put the former’s image at risk. As for how the case went about, it appears that the judge was siding with the politician, which Fraga thought was unfair.

While Fraga was found guilty in this case, he did not have to pay a fine, as his holdings merely consisted of bitcoins, to which he said, “I [wish] the judge good luck to try to access my Bitcoin portfolio.”

Clearly, Fraga has been a very controversial individual. While everyone is entitled to their opinion on any matter, it’s the way it has been said that determines whether or not one will be in trouble. Do you think the government was right in ridding Fraga of his freedom? Or were Fraga’s choice of words deserving of what he got?

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