We live in an era that interesting investments appear every week. Because of this, it’s hard to keep track of them all while you look for the best companies to invest with cryptocurrencies. To invest well, you have to know well all the new and interesting companies of the moment.

To help you in deciding in which companies you should really invest, we are going to review Zabercoin today.

What Is Zabercoin?

Zabercoin is a South African company and it is going to be a cryptocurrency. What is the difference between Zabercoin and Bitcoin or Ethereum, for instance? Not much, except that, trying to escape from the “Bitcoin Bubble”, Zabercoin is a coin that represents physical assets, not only virtual money like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

As a defender of digital currencies, the company states that many currencies do not live for long, especially because of inflation. Central banks can print as much money as they want, so they can end up causing inflation. To help with this issue, only 10 million Zabercoin tokens will ever be made, so inflation can be avoided.

The company wants to invest in real estate in Africa, an emerging market. They want to solve the problem that Africa has many people and not many places like malls or offices. Obviously, there’s potential for investments there, so this is going to be one of the company’s focus: investing in real estate in growing markets.

How Does Zabercoin Work?

It works just like other cryptocurrencies. You can use it like money. The difference is that Zabercoin definitely has less decentralized focus. It intends to be a strong coin to be used for people interested in the company’s work.

It will be secure, as the transactions using Zabercoin tokens will be made through the blockchain with the use of smart contracts.

Zabercoin also works as a share of the company. By holding tokens, you will receive a share of the annual profits of the company. By doing this, the company intends to make their token more desirable for their holders, which will be able to use their tokens to pay for goods as well as receive profits for having them.

How To Invest In Zabercoin?

To invest in Zabercoin, you will have to buy their ZAB tokens. These tokens act as a cryptocurrency and as shares of the company and are ERC-20 compliant tokens.

The ICO Duration will be 46 Days starting December 1, 2017 and ending January 16, 2018.

The Zabercoin Verdict

While it’s not completely clear how well the Zabercoin company will fare in the future, there are some points we can analyse right now. First, there are no visible problems with the Zabercoin’s plan. It’s an altcoin that is also a share. There are no red flags indicating a scam or anything like that.

Another positive point about Zabercoin tokens is that they also work as shares of the company.

So, if you are interested in this company, go for it. While Zabercoin might not be the most original company around, it looks pretty solid and most probably the company will not go bankrupt anytime soon.


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