What Is ZantePay?

ZANTEPAY is an Estonian-based cryptocurrency wallet venture that aims to integrate MasterCard features to allow its uses to spend their cryptocurrency at anytime, anywhere. The MasterCard form ZantePay will receive backing from the Good Finance Company which provides for financing options within Estonia. Users will only need to sign-up, get a pre-order and start using their crypto card for transactions without any charges. In essence, the venture wants to provide a solution that will enable users to spend their cryptocurrency easily through the debit card with the multi-wallet.

ZantePay Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet Features

ZANTEPAY will comprise of a cryptocurrency multi wallet with its own integrated MasterCard that support the spending of different types of cryptocurrencies. That type of integration will aim to cover the three main problems that tend to face the cryptocurrency community. These challenges include the high charges often present within exchanges, the inheritable nature of digital assets and integration.

Consequently, ZANTEPAY aims to offer the following set of solutions for users.

  • The ZANTECOIN acts as ZANTEPAY's native token within the ecosystem and is built based on Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 compatible) and will act as the mainstream cryptocurrency
  • A pre-paid card which the users can utilize to spend their Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Zantecoin straight from their wallet.
  • A 50% discount features on all services within the ZANTEPAY ecosystem as long as the user is utilizing ZANTECOIN
  • ZANTEPAY will offer minimal exchange fees to the wallet holders and enable them to achieve easy liquidity.
  • The ZATEPAY wallet has an additional beneficiary option for the user to assign someone in charge just in case something happens

ZantePay Benefits

  • 0 maintenance fees since ZANTECOIN eliminates the need for exchange platforms
  • Global reach with ZANTEPAY allowing for global transactions between users regardless of their geographical position
  • Referral earning option with a 20% commission for each friend you refer


ZantePay ZNX Token ICO Details

The ZANTEPAY Pre-ICO is already underway with the start back on 15th March 2018 with the token price set at 0.05 € for one ZNX. Investors can purchase the tokens using ETH and grab themselves a share of the 600 million ZNX tokens available till 15TH JULY 201. That only makes up 30% of the token supply with another 600 million coins set aside for marketing activities. A further 800 million tokens go into the future development of ZANTEPAY products, business operations, and management.

  • ICO SUPPLY-600 million tokens
  • Pre-ICO-30 million ZNX tokens are available with a 0.05€ price tag
  • Part I-investors get to access 70 million ZNX token for 0.1€
  • Part II-ZNX tokens sell for 0.14€ a piece and come with a 200 million supply
  • Part III-300 million ZNX tokens with each selling for 0.25€

The fund's distribution will have the following structure

  • Users-30%
  • Marketing-30%
  • Foundation-40%

ZantePay Conclusion

ZANTEPAAY intends to incorporate cryptocurrency and our traditional services in order not offer as the best perks of both worlds. Their free pre-paid card offers a convenience that seems to be catching up within the crypto world and is often evident that it is indeed good at attracting and exposing users to more flexible use of digital currency. And with money transfers and payment services rising annually, ZANTEPAY may offer an alternative solution to the ever-growing digital society we are having in the world.


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