Zapcash is on a mission to help you create wealth in the blockchain using their innovative platform. To help users achieve this, they have created a lending platform that is based on their trading bot. The platform will utilize machine learning to maximize the trading profits.

The trading bot will use various trading algorithms, technical and traditional analysis, and state -of the- art machine learning. This will ensure the biggest profits possible. The main use of the ZPC tokens is to lend them and get daily interest that can hit up to 48% monthly.

More Details On ZapCash

It can be quite difficult for newbies to trade and earn in the crypto markets. Most people lose money instead of making any since they do not have any knowledge or experience.

This project has been created with the aim of helping newbies make money using the new blockchain technology. To do this, all that they have to do is join the lending platform that is based on the Zapcash trading bot.

To ensure that everyone can make money, this project utilizes machine learning to squeeze out as much profit as possible. The Zapcash platform does not just utilize machine learning; it also uses trading algorithms, technical analysis, and traditional analysis to ensure participants get as much profit as possible.

What Is Zapcash?

Zapcash is a DAPP is built on the Ethereum network. The application runs exactly as it has been programmed without the risk of censorship or downtime. Besides that, there is no risk of third-party fraud since everything is secured using smart contracts.

The ZapCash Decentralized Blockchain Lending Program

The lending program is made possible by the ZPC tokens. The tokens’ only purpose is to ensure that users can get an interest of up to 48 percent monthly. Besides that, the coins are in a fixed supply, which means there is zero chance of inflation. Thus, as demand increases, you will be able to make a huge profit due to the laws of demand and supply.

Details Of The Smart Contract

  • Minimum investment allowed- $10
  • Maximum investment allowed – $200,000
  • Days for the release of the capital – 150 days
  • Early capital release after 24 hours incurs a 3% penalty


Depending on the amount you lend, you will benefit from an extra daily bonus as follows:

  • $1 000 Daily rates: + 0.10%
  • $5 000 Daily rates: + 0.20%
  • $10 000 Daily rates: + 0.25%
  • $30 000 Daily rates: + 0.35%

ZapCash ZPC Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Symbol: ZPC
  • Token price: 1 ZPC = 0.000625 ETH
  • Total supply: 20,000,000 ZPC Tokens
  • Pre Sale: 1,000,000 ZPC / 450 ETH (10% Bonus)
  • Main Sale: 14,000,000 ZPC / 8750 ETH
  • Token Sale Hard Cap: 15,000,000 ZPC / 9200 ETH
  • Token Sale Starts: July 30, 2018, at 06:00 GMT
  • Token Sale Ends: Hard Cap Reached
  • Minimum Purchase Amount: 100 ZPC / 0.0625 ETH

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