What Is Zaza?

Zaza is a new platform, developed to enable the accurate mechanisms of business to function properly on one platform. There are millions of people around the world who are constantly in competition with others, looking to gain the attention of possible customers. These people are doing this while at the same time attempting to build a life. The stress of business is more expensive than the cost of running it on most cases. Zaza has been developed to improve how people and businesses interact with each other to make processes more profitable for everyone.

Problems Zaza Seeks To Solve

The major issue with most businesses is the difficulty associated with making sales. It’s a difficult road to achievement in business. Even companies with massive budgets have difficulty when attempting to thrive in the business-driven world.

The reason, money never guarantees market penetration, which is why more than 80% of most businesses fail within the first year of startup. Only a few businesses are actually able to make it to the second year and then move on from there. Success stories are rare, which is why businesses that are successful are looked upon with so much appreciation by others looking to start their own. Zaza is a platform that has been created to improve the way the business is conducted, so the customers and the business owners have a better experience with the added levels of success.

Several reasons affect the success or failure of a business. High market costs cause financial collapse, difficulties in getting new deals plays a role in success or failure, market penetration can be difficult, as can the lack of support when starting a new company.

These problems are common and can be solved using the Zaza marketplace platform. The solutions offered on the platform may seem novel but are by far some of the most effective strategies that can be used to advance modern business. Zaza is taking full advantage of modern technology designed to improve modern business.

Zaza Blockchain Social Network Business Platform Solutions

Zaza platform is being used to improve several areas of business. For one, the platform allows people to place deals in real-time, protecting people and businesses from fake deals. Another aspect is the trading platform, which allows businesses to promote their ads in a smarter way of marketing.

The platform has multiple functions, able to create new opportunities for businesses and brands, so they can gain quality leads. Blockchain technology is the main reason the system works so well. It records different aspects of business history for the purpose of attracting quality leads. The important part to mention, the power of the blockchain protects all data from being corrupted.

Zaza Token ICO Details

The ICO is scheduled to launch on August 1st and end on September 30th. The total token supply is 1,000,000,000 ZAZA and the price is 1ZAZA = $0.07. You an invest using  BTC, ETH, BCH, or LTC.

Zaza Conclusion

ZAZA is a new social network focused on B2B operations. Users on the platform gain access to a global business community, developed with the potential for worldwide partnerships. The ZAZA market will unite industries, to create unique partnerships reliable due to advanced technology like blockchains and cryptocurrency. Ultimately, Zaza has been unveiled to help create more functional methods of business operations.

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