What Is ZB.com?

ZB is a crypto currency based exchange platform that is centralized out of Southeast Asia. It’s designed to give the user a hearty trading grasp on the market with an easy to use app at the tip of their fingers.

How Does ZB Work?

The service works to give users a safe place to examine and exchange various cryptocurrencies on the market. They have developed it to be used as an easy to navigate and operate application for people all over the globe.

  • Top Level – There are said to be tens of millions of registered top-level domains on the platform. It’s your choice what to use and is said to give you the confidence needed when trading.
  • Safety – There is also said to be state of the art security, thanks to a professional security team that understands and has set up multi-level defenses against hackers to protect your assets, so you can trade worry free.
  • FAST – The turnover rate is said to be lighting fast.
  • Service – There is 24/7 customer service on the web to protect users with quality support.

ZB is now in line with the principle of the first user rights and interests as well. They are always looking to simplify their system for users and to create a diversified portfolio of digital assets. They make this happen according the demand of the market and any open currency exchanges.

They project to be open the market for won and Euros by the first QTR of 2018. The United States and Thai Baht are projected to be open for exchange by the end of the first quarter in 2018. They are primarily focused on industry dynamics and providing people with the right exchange for the growing number of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

ZB Conclusion

The company is giving people a way to easily exchange cryptocurrency. And simplify the way they can recharge cash through easy to use digital asset recharge systems. And it will also make it easy for easy withdrawal of digital currencies. All transactions are verified with junior, real-time authentication on some levels and advanced real-time authentication on others. They are working hard with trading commissions to increase the limit on buying and selling as well as what plans can be used.

ZB will use advanced API documents to ensure every transaction runs smoothly. And for regular users and traders, they will recommend rewards. And for many users, they will invite people to get rewards and explain to them how they can. ZB Global will operate in Korea, Switzerland, Canada, Samoa, Dubai and the United States.

It’s one of the many global exchanges now emerging. They make a lot of bold claims as does everyone else. Like all companies, it will take time to see if they can meet their projected goals as planned. We will likely notice more by the end of the first quarter in 2018. Hopefully, with so many countries supporting them, ZB will become a massive player who can be trusted in the cryptocurrency space.

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  1. Be careful, they require verification suddenly and do not accept ID documents which are accepted by all major exchanges. They love to find a reason to freeze your funds. THESE ARE CHINESE SCAMMERS!


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