Zcash Software “Sapling” Upgrade

Zcash is a cryptocurrency that is making strides toward releasing a new software called “Sapling.” This software features online support elements for the network and it comes at the heels of Zcash’s latest venture, called Overwinter, which is set to be released in late June.

Zcash’s team recently released details concerning Sapling in February. The purpose of the update is to ensure that transactions are faster on the network, which will make things easier for the platform’s users. Although the update does seem useful, there are those who argue that there is still something lacking on the platform – specially, a “block height.” For those who are unware, a “block height” is a transaction block where the Sapling hard fork takes effect. Fortunately, it will not be missing for long. Zcash plans on integrating the block height in a future update.

A post on Zcash’s website concerning Sapling identified that, “As a reminder, because the Sapling activation height is not yet specified for mainnet, version 1.1.1 will behave similarly as other pre-Sapling releases even after a future activation of Sapling on the network. Upgrading from a 1.1. will be required in order to follow the Sapling network upgrade on mainnet.”

CoinDesk also previously reported that the Overwinter upgrade is positioned for next month and it is a new way to establish the stage for additional hard forks. This type of process is still controversial among other blockchain protocols.

According to Zooko Wilcox, the co-founder and CEO of Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, “The purpose of this is to get practicing doing network upgrades.” Those who are interested in following Zcash’s Sapling upgrade and its Overwinter release may want to consider following the company’s blog posts and updates on its social media accounts.

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