Zcash (ZEC) Rolls Out Go-To-Market (GTM) Research And Marketing Activities

With the rise in the use of digital currencies, firms are coming up to tap this potential. They hope to popularize their products among the masses and profit from such activities. One of the firms which have unveiled a robust marketing policy is Zcash.

Store Of Value

The firm is targeting users who are looking to store the value in different ways. Under its plan, the United States of America and countries in the Asian region are the initial target. Here, the firm intends to research and conduct marketing activities.

Most of the Asian nations will be brought on board except India which does not have a favourable regulatory regime. To achieve this goal, the firm intends to localise the content and encourage public participation so that members of the public to give their views.

The program will also involve bringing the various reputable custodian on board which can instil confidence in both individual and institutional investors. Conducting the activities need a lot of public relation activities. As such, the firm intends to partner with respected PR firms and the media houses which concentrate with the world of finance. By employing such strategies, the firm hopes that it will reach out to the masses and convince them.

Medium Of Exchange

Moreover, the firm intends to research how Zcash can be used to complement other mediums of exchange. Here, a lot of efforts will be directed towards seeing how the target clients will perceive this product.

The firm does not intend to roll out the currency immediately. Instead, it seeks to conduct more research and find whether people will agree with this concept. Most of the study will be conducted in the United States of America.

Other areas where the firm has seen potential in the use of this product to carry out transactions is in nations located in Latin America. A lot of funding will go towards consumer awareness programs, enhancing business security, and finding out the unique needs of freelancers. Additionally, the research will try to find out how the product can be of benefit to the various online marketplaces. For security purposes, only third parties who will observe all the required safety requirements will be incorporated in the process.

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