Master nodes are fast becoming an excellent option for crypto investors and the tokens associated with them often foresee widespread hype. However, it is imperative always to ensure adequate review of these master node coins regardless of the level of incentives it offers. Here a summary of Zealium coin and the incentive model in use by the token to earn you a decent income.

What Is Zealium Coin?

Zealium Coin is proof of decentralized stake cryptocurrency that will also act as a Darksend Masternode digital currency from New Zealand. The masternode cryptocurrency will allow for users to earn a passive income by investing and running in a masternode and explore the option of receiving a passive income. The user will only have to compare a percentage yield against their investment and calculate their return on investment (ROI).

The digital currency will run under a Proof of Stake System which forms a decentralized network of users who have physical ownership of the coins in mining on the Masternodes.  The user gets to unlock the wallet provided for an active staking status and starts to sync with each staking plan for tracking and verification of the transactions.

Additionally, Zealium Coin will allow for detailing of the plan balances in a simultaneous manner. Each staking wallet will also provide for block verification and transactions through a network specific reward with a small charge set for this service. All the user has to do is to invest, stake, HODL and wait for returns. The resulting incentives go into a personal digital wallet or a remote Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Zealium Coin New Zealand Proof Of Stake Blockchain ROI

  • Block 0001 -1001 [1 Million Pre- Mine, POW Ended Here].
  • Block 1002-500000 – MN 10 / STAKE 4 / GOV 1
  • Block 500001-1000000 – MN 7.5 / STAKE 3 / GOV FUND 0.75
  • Block 1000001-1500000 – MN 5 / STAKE 2 / GOV FUND 0.5
  • Block 1500001-Infinity – MN 2.5 / STAKE 1 / GOV FUND 0.25
  • MN Surety 4,000 NZL
  • Staking Maturity: 6 Hrs.
  • Block Time: 60 sec

Zealium Coin NZL Token ICO Details

The ICO for the NZL token has been completed. Now you can invest in the token using the exchanges listed on the Zealium website.

Zealium Conclusion

While there are always enticing reasons to invest in Masternodes, several questions should form the basis of ever investment decision before you take it. In Zealium's case, it is no different as the project offers no unique features from the already existing masternode projects.

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