Users Should Upgrade to the Latest Zcash Client

The ZCash community and network continue to grow in this competitive market. During the last weeks, ZCash experienced several changes, something that has clearly a positive effect on the network. One of the most recent ZCash wallet upgrades introduces important changes that will play an important role in the future of this project.

One of the first changes is related to the HD Key Generation and the ZCash Sapling update. In the newest ZCash wallet, native addresses will use HD key generation that is based on ZIP 32. However, transparent and Sprout addresses will use traditional key generation.

Although there is no official confirmation, in the next ZCash wallet update, importing and restoration of HD wallets will be supported.

The second important change is the testnet support on Sapling. With this update, it is not necessary to run a node with specific parameters. This is quite important for users that want to run a 2.0.1 node since the functionality is now enabled by default.

Node owners should upgrade to the latest version since it introduces a consensus rule change that allows minimum difficulty blocks to be mined. Those that do not upgrade could result in a potential chain split. As this is not a complicated process, there is no reason not to perform this upgrade.

Another important ZCash wallet upgrade is the mainnet Sapling activation that is consensus-compatible with the major network upgrade. Moreover, it also enables support in the Zcashd wallet RPC. In order to ensure a smooth transaction, it is advised to upgrade as soon as possible.

The first Sapling block is going to be mined in just a few days. It is always better to be prepared beforehand rather than later. Upgrading the client shouldn’t be a difficult process and would have clear positive impacts on the whole ZCash ecosystem.

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