Zeepin ZPT

Zeepin ZBT is a decentralized new economy for innovators and content creators. The platform aims at promoting the efficient circulation of creative assets. The foundation of this structure is built on Blockchain technology in a manner that favours innovators and the entire community in this platform. The pre-sale of the ZPT token is scheduled for 18th January 2018 and ends on 29th January 2018.

Zeepin’s Rationale

The creative industry is one that develops rapidly; its growth is however slower and often falls short of what people expect. This is because the enterprises that lead the industry are limited by matters such as copyright, territory and financing and financing among other issues.

Zeepin hopes to create an ecosystem that’s fair and efficient through the use of Blockchain technology. This incorporates dApps which are easy to use and help protect industry players from copyright issues and is also useful in talent recruitment.

Zeepin ZPT Features

  1. ZeeCrew – Since Zeepin involves chain organization, this app will allow the community to form an independent project that’s decentralized. This dApp enables the formation of a company in a fast and cost efficient manner.
  2. ZeerRights – Since this ecosystem relies heavily on creativity, there’s a lot of copyright matters to deal with. Investors can use this dApp as a leverage in order to gain credibility as well as monitor their crowdfunding progress which essentialy acts as a risk control feature.
  3. ZeeCreate – Through the use of ZPT token, this dApp utilises smart contracts to provide content and find people looking for creative ideas and connect them to creators.
  4. ZeeTalent – Every member of the this community will be uniquely identify and through the KYC talents will be identified.
  5. ZeeFund – This will allow for open and fast crowdfunding compared to the traditional way of raising funds. Teams in this project can independently launch their projects and receive funding.

Zeepin’s ZPT Token Sale

The following are the token sale details of Zeepin:

  • Dates – The sale will run from 18th Jan 2018 to 29th Jan 2018
  • Token symbol – ZPT
  • Tokens available – 1 billion
  • Currency accepted – NEO.BTC/ETH
  • Technology – NEO blockchain and NEO smart contract
  • Hard cap – 700,000 NEO

Why Invest in Zeepin ZPT?

There are a number of benefits of investing in Zeepin:

  • Copyright – Each creator will receive some form of digital asset that will remain theirs for a lifetime and can be sold or transferred.
  • Authorization – The platform has efficient tools that are safe, fast and can be trudted due to the strong foundation of the blockchain technology. These tools automatically calculate the profit and distribute it accordingly.
  • Decentralized transactions – Due to the decentralized nature of the platform, users can have trust when it comes to copyright creativity leading to decreased cost of transactions
  • Investment – More participants can join the chain leading to increased value for creators and quicker cashing in for all industry players.

Zeepin ZPT Conclusion

The ZPT token will be needed to carry out transactions on this platform. Creators and innovators can benefit from the dApps built based on Blockchain technology. The investors can reap the rewards of growth as the Zeepin chain grows exponentially in the future.

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