What Is ZenithCard?

ZenithCard is a debit card that can be used at payment terminals around the globe including online and at ATMs. Customers that use the ZenithCard can fund their cards with allowances they get from wallets that are compatible with ERC20 and Bitcoins.

The ZenithCard will allow the platform users to fund their card with BTC, ETH, ZENT, and other tokens that will be selected by the community that will vote after the crowd sale.

ZenithCard Cryptocurrency Backed Debit Card Benefits

Competitive Advantage

The ZenithCard is an effective payment solution that will offer a competitive advantage in an era of online commerce and cryptocurrency. The method will do away with most of the payment challenges faced by businesses and customers.

The Use Of A New Blockchain Technology

The platform integrates a new blockchain technology to smoothen, simplify, and accommodate all business to business and business to customer payment services.


ZenithCard users will be able to store and transfer their tokens securely without the need for a third party. By having control of their assets, users will not subject themselves to centralized risks and will benefit from the efficiency and cost reduction that will exist due to the elimination of a third party.

Innovative Spending Options

Users will pay in multiple assets at the same time while keeping a balanced portfolio. The customers can keep their assets fully invested all the time and will not have to worry about manual reallocation when they want to spend.

Platform Specific Markets

The ZenithCard will be used within the many different markets that are being tapped into by other projects in the space. The developers of the ZenithCard are integrating it with the Ethereum platforms that will give the ZENT holders direct access to diversified markets while still providing connections to major payment rail for the platforms underlying user base.

Easy And Secure Transfer Of Funds

You can withdraw and deposit fiat currencies at the ATM with a debit card that is supported by VISA and MasterCard.

Global Exchange

The user will be able to trade the token against other fiat or cryptocurrencies on major exchanges such as Binance among others.

ZenithCard ZENT Token ICO Details

The token provides the holder with the right to use the ZenithCard for transactions using ZENT without the need to pay additional licensing fees. Payments made with ZenithCard using other tokens other than ZENT are subject to the payment of a license fee for the use of the software protocol developed as part of the ZenithCard project. The token will also support the ZENT ecosystem, as it will be used for transactions that will boost the value of the token.

During the crowd sale, the platforms aim is to gather from the investors 28 million USD in Ethereum from the sale of the tokens. Once the target is reached the ICO will be terminated. 35% that will total 350 million tokens will be offered during the crowd sale. The token will be valued at 1 ETH=10,000 ZENT. The minimum purchase accepted during the crowd sale will be 0.2 ETH

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