ZenVow ICO (ZVC Token): Blockchain Breathing, Meditation & Yoga Rewards?

The current global population is estimated to be about 7.6 billion people. Most projections estimate that there could be as many as 9.8 billion people on earth by 2015. By 2100, it is estimated that there will be 11.2 billion people globally. Coupled with the growth in advanced technology such as automation and robotics, it is safe to assume that the rate of unemployment will likely rise.

In the last 50 years alone, the humans have consumed more resources than the people who came before us. This will no doubt place a major strain on public health and the global ecosystem. The major issue with global warming is not just CO2 emissions. It also has to do with endless growth.

About ZenVow

Various scientific studies have shown that stress-related issues now make up for a majority of hospital visits. This makes it a very serious issue. However, not all remedies to stress can be found in hospitals. There exist various solutions to stress, and one of the most well-known is meditation. Combined with Yoga, it has been shown to help reduce stress hormones in the body, thus safeguarding a person’s health.

While yoga and meditation can help reduce stress, that will not address the underlying issue. The main cause of stress is a social structure that leads to financial oppression. The ZenVow system has been designed to motivate users to maintain mediation and Yoga practices while getting crypto rewards.

To achieve its goals, the solution utilizes the blockchain. This is a proved technology with a lot of potential for all of humanity. The developers of this project decided that it would be the best solution for powering a reward system for the project.

For humans to escape the pressure of financial oppression, this project invites them to abandon labor that has no positive rewards for the planet. By abandoning these activities, they can begin to make a positive contribution to the planet and be financially rewarded. The users are rewarded with tokens. These tokens can then be exchanged for fiat in order to buy goods.

Project Phases

The project will take place in two phases. In the first phase, ZenVow products will be launched. These will be the ZenVow mediation pas and the ZenVow sensor. Once the phase succeeds, the second phase will start where the mediation resorts will be created. The users can access these resorts with the Zenvow Coins.

ICO Details

The ICO has been split into three phases: There will be a total of 333 million ZVC tokens. All tokens will be sold at the ICO.

  • Phase A – 1 ETH = 1750zvc – May 7
  • Phase B – 1 ETH = 1500zvc – May 14
  • Phase C – 1 ETH = 1250zvc – May 21
  • Token Symbol: ZVC
  • Token Sale Starts:
  • Token Sale Ends:
  • Token Price: 1750 Coins for 1 ETH
  • Total Supply:333 Million
  • Token Standard: ERC 20

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