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What is ZeroState?

The platform is a brand new emotionally intelligent platform that has been powered by blockchain technology. And it’s said to be the most effective solution for any customers through the use of loyalty management focused around emotional involvement. The pre-ICO sale is now live and there has a been a supposed 335 Ether already sold out of the goal of 500 ETH.

And like other ICOs, investing right now would give you a massive bonus discount of 50% of the regular price of the token. You can also go to the company website and download the company whitepaper right now for a ton of in-depth information.

How Does Zerostate Work?

Anyone who uses the platform can receive the ZS coin, and it doesn’t matter if it’s an advertiser or one of the writers. Or one of the other various positions that are available on the platform. The coins can then be exchanged for ETH and then sold on the different exchanges for whatever you want. Every month, the company promises that they will use twenty percent of the profits made will be used to rebuy tokens, thereby improving their popularity with other users.

The EQ is the emotional intelligence for the company and is what the company feels. It’ the feelings that rise up in a person way before the person even realizes that the emotion is even manifesting in the first place. It’s before your mind can figure out the situation, apply filters and beliefs, and make a choice as to what the next decision will be.

The ZeroState platform also has an application that is used to collect and evaluate the emotions. Individuals on the platform and then share them and get paid money. The platform is basically the bridge that fills the gap between the user and the manufacturer.

When it comes to the world, the search engine on the platform is said to be like nothing ever seen. And there are also going to be new types of social networks they can version 2.0. You can look for soulmates or simply make friends on the platform. And the advertising platform work like Uber, there is actual fiat that is paid to users to get reviews.

When it comes to the advertisers, any loyal customers who go beyond skimming through the company can also leave reviews. The users will also leave a tremendous amount of data to be used for a detailed analysis. And then the ranking system will be used to attract users who are looking for a specific emotion.

The users who are on the platform can sign up for it free. And then they will get rewarded for the reviews they leave out of a budget setup for promotion by the advertisers. And there Are unbiased statistics that are paid reviews from users, they even get paid if they leave a review that isn’t good.

The tokenized coin creates a feeling that is based around spreading knowledge about emotional ties and the connections that occur and considered to be the core of any new relationships.

You can download the whitepaper on the company website at and the app is already ready to be downloaded for use in any country on the globe. They have apparently had more than 60,000 downloads and 30,000 active users since they started in the beginning of2018. The app can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play.

The main goal is to become the leading company in the United States and several areas throughout Europe, India, Africa, and China for now. They are attempting to reach a massive audience of four million users globally by the end of the year, 2018.

What is the ICO on Zero State?

The token sale ICO is live right now in pre-sale and they’ve reached a fairly large cap of 335 ETH invested into the company out of the goal they have of 500 for their pre-sale. And as of now, there is a massive 50% off discount for any early-bird investors.

The next four stages of the ICO also the second stage has 6 million tokens available total with a 40% bonus and it declines from there. The 3rd phase has 7 million total tokens with a 30% bonus and the fourth has 17.5 million tokens with a 20% bonus. The last phase after the ICO is finalized has no bonus and a total of 19 million tokens.

The token and ICO has a rating of 4.9 out of 5-stars on ICO Holder, Track gave it 5.0 ranking and Foundico gave it 9.6 out of 10. There is no arguing those are amazing scores. And there are not a lot of ICOs that actually get those kind of scores on a regular basis.

The tokens are called ZSC and can be used by advertisers to make their products easily noticed on the platform. They can be purchased via advertisers who will also use them to run ad campaigns on the app. The main goal is to get the customers attention and then to attract to the to the site to increase the amount of sales as well ROI for everyone involved in general.

Who is Behind Zerostate?

The team has a massive list of advisors, starting with Igor Karavaev. He’s just one of the blockchain specialists who has worked on several cryptocurrencies, exchanges and foundations within the space. He’s also specialized in startups and ICOs like, Faceter, Sharpay, Skyfchain and TrueGame. There are two other advisors on the platform as well who are looking to help the company move forward.

The first of them is Nathan Christian and the other is Md Mofassair Hossain. These are just the advisors, the CEO and Co-Founder Alexey Aslezovhas worked on all types of IT projects, has management skills and understands the way that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology works.

There are almost ten other people who are on the team and supporting the decisions of Alexey. There is a very impressive team at Zerostate that is not like anything seen on most of the newer ICOs on the market that are obviously fraudulent.

ZeroState ICO Conclusion

The company has a lot going on in it. Zerostate also has a massive team that is from every facet of the industry. You can go to right now and read the whitepaper, get involved, buy tokens, or simply invest. This is one of the newest ICOs on the market, and as of now – seams to be one of the only ones that give full disclosure on the team behind the scenes.

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