The fundamentals of retail trading are no longer practicable for the retail trader. They have to overcome a plethora of challenges to make profits. Spread, margin, fees, high frequency trading, asymmetric information are just a few factors which puts traditional retail traders in an underdog position. This leads to 70% of retail traders not being profitable in their first 12 months of investing. Most people lose out on trading costs associated with the trading. That is until ZeroSum and the ZFX Token arrived.

What Is ZeroSum Platform?

ZeroSum is a competitive peer-versus-peer, fantasy style platform which is targeted at giving retail traders a different way to try their hand at making money in the FX market again. The ZFX Token was developed by utilizing ZeroSum platform. ZFX is the Token that will power a network of peer-versus-peer competitive platforms. ZeroSum is one example (and already built) but ZFX has been designed with extensibility in mind. ZFX also is the Token that allows access to their proprietary Sentiment engine. Anyone can access the ZFX Sentiment Engine by signing up with ZFX Tokens on a monthly basis. Our in house algorithms take all data generated on the ZFX network and consolidate it into a usable alpha signal for trading purposes. Users who contribute to the data (users of ZFX competitive platforms) will receive a pro-rata distribution of the ZFX generated as fees.

ZeroSum Platform ZFX Token ICO Details

ZeroSum token is the mechanism that enables users to participate on any ZeroSum enabled platform for peer versus peer competitions. The Ethereum Smart Contract is specifically designed to be extensible for a multitude of use cases, including our proprietary Sentiment Engine (also requiring ZFX). There are 1,500,000,000 tokens available at an initial rate of 100 tokens for 1 USD. These tokens are adjustable, which means that unsold tokens will be burned. 70% of the sold tokens will go to the users, 5% to the advisors and 25%to the founders.

ZeroSum Platform Fantasy Trading Exchange Benefits

Various parties can benefit from using the ZFX Token. For example:

  • End users who participate in competition.
  • Users or platforms who generate sentiment data.
  • 3rd party platforms can leverage the ZeroSum technology to facilitate peer-versus-peer competitions.
  • FX Token holders can gain additional uses through the growing adoption of the ZeroSum platform and ZFX Token across multiple platform.

Each party benefits with ZFX Token use. And those leveraging ZFX Token based platforms for peer-versus-peer competitions enjoy a significant number of benefits. These include:

  • Massively reduced fees relative to traditional trading brokerages
  • Simplified decision making
  • Requires no trust in counterparties ability to pay
  • Significantly better trading experience than anything they have previously encountered
  • Human competitions – no unfair advantages via hedge funds, algos or retail brokers
  • Spread free trading, won't get penalized for over trading

ZeroSum Platform Concluion

The current state of trading affects all retail users who want to enter the markets. As we have explored how unfair advantages, market makers, exorbitant fees and more affect everyone from the young inexperienced trader or the more seasoned and experienced trader, to the sentiment subscriber.

The ZFX Token and ZeroSum platform allow traders to focus on what they truly enjoy, trading for alpha.

The ZFX Token and ZeroSum platform do away with the hassles of trade settlement, delivery of funds and counterparty credit risk.

The ZFX Token will remove the traditional obstacles that traders are up against when competing in the markets. It will enable new peer-to-peer, trustless competition platforms to be built. It will facilitate a never ending number of skill-based competitions. It will be the required token for operators who wish to develop on the already created ZeroSum architecture

– fueling ZFX adoption and driving use cases and growth into the future.

ZeroSum has already completed the first platform that will utilize the ZFX Token. A revolutionary peer-versus-peer, A competitive trading platform that immediately makes ZFX Token implementation useful to token holders.


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