The majority of startup businesses tend to fail in the first year and for many reasons. Perhaps one of the most significant ones is an inability to maintain proper transportation of goods, especially those that are cold. Now, one blockchain service is aiming to transform the industry by mitigating the troubles that shippers have when transporting their products. With that, this review would like to introduce ZetoChain. According to the platform, current practices and methodologies may on longer be the same with what it has to offer. Further, users will notice a level of transparency that may become the industry standard.

What Is ZetoChain?

ZetoChain is a new blockchain platform that may make it easier to transport goods and to actually check on those goods to ensure that they are in good condition. As the brand explains, its purpose to “increase transparency and trust.” With this platform, users may be able to improve their food safety standards, the reputation of brands may be impacted less due to transportation issues, and all parties along the cold chain will have access to the data during the transportation process. Most importantly, especially for those who care about food waste, this platform may minimize product waste by highlighting issues in the cold chain through real-time access.

ZetoChain Blockchain Food-Safety Project Benefits

There are several potential benefits associated with ZetoChain, which are as follows:

Food Processing

First, the platform provides food processing by offering business owners the opportunity to track the temperature of food in transport throughout the processing chain. The oversight is available in real time right from the point of departure. Even more interesting, the transportation oversight can be provided through air, sea, and truck as well.

Improves Efficiency

Second, the platform may be able to enhance efficiency of transportation as well. That is to say, those who use this system may notice their shipments transporting more quickly due to the automation of human tasks, cold chain management strategies, and real-time recording and reporting. This is one of the first services of its kind, making it a prime option for those who are interested in protecting one of the most volatile parts of their business.

Improves Food Safety Standards

Finally, this platform may improve food safety standards. By managing the food throughout the transportation process, business owners can protect their food from issues such as spoilage and mitigate health risks to their customers, thereby promoting better brand management in the process.

Clearly, there are several potential benefits associated with this service. The platform provides business owners and others who need cold chain management with qualities that are hard to come by in the industry.

ZetoChain ZETO Token ICO Details

ZetoChain will launch their ICO Pre-Sale on 04/30/18 and smart contracts will be released 6/1/18. The main ICO will start on 07/09/18 and end o 07/31/18. The accepted currency for investing in ZETO tokens is Ethereum.

ZetoChain Summary

Overall, those who are interested in learning more about ZeoChain for better cold chain management may want to visit the brand’s website. The company describes the step-by-step process it uses in getting its system to the market so that users know what to expect.

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