Zichain Reveals Two Different Crypto Index Funds For Investors (BCIF & STIF)

Last Thursday, Zichain revealed two new index funds for Cryptocurrency Investors. The world-renowned group of international cryptocurrency finance experts, launched the funds to make crypto investing easier. In a report done by BCFocus, the SBI holdings will also bring more than 23 million people to it’s newly developed cryptocurrency exchange.

Zichain has been officially recognized as the main decentralized firm for managing assets launched on cryptocurrency indexes for the first time ever. Last December, in 2017, Zichain also took the initiative to unveil the new crypto index and is now being recognized as the leader in firms operating with decentralized asset management.

Zichain informed Blue Coin Index Fund (BCIF) and Second Tier Index Fund (STIF) was previously used by very few investors. The next phase of the plan is to hit more investors on the cryptocurrency market as the third quarter of 2018 comes to a close. The main focus of Blue Coin Index Fund or BCIF is digital currencies.

Ethereum’s blockchain technology has now been leveraged to create the coins of these two funds. ERC20 of the blockchain, with technical standards used for smart contracts, is now being used in the process.

The crypto funds inside of Zichain, are complete with needed features related to traditional funds that investors are familiar with. The new features include calculation of performance for tracking investments, as well as making use of the information available in real-time market. Financial reporting with advanced standards for supreme or traditional financial measures can be completed on the platform.

The Opinion Of The Zichain CEO

According to the Khachature Gukasyan, CEO of Zichain, all clients are going to be able to benefit from investing in worldwide assets, in a normal or traditional ecosystem, while using the most advanced types of related technology. Zichain places much of their effort into the overall functionality of their products, as well as believing the launch of innovative index funds. The launch will open a new chapter in the history of cryptocurrency finances.

Zichain has released newly launched index funds that come complete with top tier technology. The tech is promised to be prevalent to the cryptocurrency world. A European enterprise, gives a secure storage space online with various signatures that guarantee the safety of the assets, users store on the system. The personal accounts of the investors will also feature a type of rebalancing in a completely automated and intelligent platform.

Zichain is striving to be the only source for managing financial assets on blockchain technology, with the purpose of giving safety and easy access to any parties interested.

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