Looking for a new cryptocurrency exchange? We have recently found a crypto exchange called ZiChange, which is powered by Zichain and is about to start its activities. Do you want to know more about it? Just read our review.

What Is ZiChange?

ZiChange is an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange platform. It will offer a simple and convenient way for you to trade. It looks like the company will initially sell Bitcoin and Ethereum, which makes sense, as these the two most popular cryptos of the moment. The company promises to have the “best rates” of the market and the “most secure” way to trade.

How Will ZiChange Cryptocurrency Fiat Exchange App Work?

We do not have this information at this moment but it is not very hard to predict some point based on how exchanges generally work. As the company is powered by ZiChange, you can bet that it will use some of their technology. It will probably have its own wallet, too, and you will be able to use on your phone (the phone image on the company’s site is a pretty good indication of that).

Also, it looks like the company will only be selling two currencies, so some features that you should not expect are: advanced trading tools and automatization of trading.

Who Is Behind ZiChange?

The masterminds behind ZiChange are Zichain. This company came from the traditional financial world to use its expertise and experience in the cryptocurrency world by providing new solutions. By applying the knowledge of an old market into a new one, ZiChange intends to create relevant products and to help traders to realize the full potential of their work.

ZiChain's ZiChange Conclusion

Unfortunately, it is rather impossible to give you a certain conclusion about this company that is really honest. The platform has not even been launched yet and there is almost no information about it, so we lack the resources to tell you more.

For updates, follow our blog. There is a big chance that we will review this company in more detail when it starts its services.

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