The real estate sector is mostly still a traditional localized market with multiple parties involved when it comes to buying or selling a home. The result is that the entire process of purchasing property is inconveniently long, non-transparent, inefficient and costly, particularly in international property transactions.

Also, the global property sector is dominated by a few real estate online portals that make it expensive and had for individual property agents to better promote their house listings. All these issues have been addressed by a very innovative global real estate system called Zillios.

About Zillios

ZIllios is a next-gen real estate system that offers multiple new features that differentiate entirely it from current vacation rental and property portals to solve existing market problems while providing value to property owners, agents, buyers, and renters.

Whereas the leading online property portals that dominate this market sector feature high monthly fees, commissions and other unclear costs, Zillios runs on a freemium model that allows for free listings, zero commissions, and flexible marketing costs. Also, the platform reaps the benefits of smart contracts and blockchain to eliminate the inefficiencies of the present real estate processes.

Zillios Blockchain Smart Contracts For Real Estate Properties Plans

Zillios plans to have one of the most prominent possible ecosystems of international vacation rental and real estate properties and an ambitious sales amount of over one million. Here is how Zillios plans to attain those impressive goals:

Benefits For Sellers

Whether you are a property owner or agent, Zillios will allow you to include your entire list of properties, rather than only a selection. To gain better visibility, Zillios will provide a pay per click advertising model through its utility token. Additionally, closing deals will be cheaper, more transparent and faster through this platform.

Benefits For Buyers

Buyers interested in either vacation rentals or international properties will be able to capitalize on the comprehensive property portal that is Zillios. There will be smart tools, property buying guidelines and trusted assistance from third parties. Also, the process of closing deals will be smoother, efficient and even more transparent.

Benefits For Vacation Homeowners

Zillios offers owners of vacation rentals the advantages of absolute control over their rental payments as well as access to verified rental service companies. Interested vacationers can make bookings directly through this system without any agent or portal commissions, thus increasing convenience and profitability.

Zillios Token Usage

Here are some of the essential utilities that are anticipated to be paid for by ZLST tokens:

  • Geo-position bids
  • Featured properties
  • Premium agent profiles
  • Fast deal closing
  • API integrations
  • Rating rewards
  • Property rental or purchase transactions
  • Incentives to enhance listings and loyalty in the platform

Zillios ZLST Token ICO Details

The Zillios ICO token sale is designed to help raise the necessary financial resources to further the development of this platform.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token name: Zillios token
  • Symbol: ZLST
  • Total supply: 1 billion tokens
  • Private sale date: July to August 2018
  • Acceptable currency: ETH
  • Soft cap: $5,000,000
  • Hard cap: $25,000,000
  • Public sale date: October 2018

Token Distribution

  • Bounties: 1%
  • Advisors: 3%
  • Rewards: 6%
  • Founding members and team: 25%
  • Company token reserve: 25%
  • Public contribution (pre-sale and main sale): 40%

Projected Use Of Funds

  • Legal costs and advisors: 5%
  • Strategic partnerships and integrations: 10%
  • Operations: 15%
  • Global expansion and marketing: 25%
  • Technical development of the platform: 45%

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