Zilliqa (ZIL) introduces ecosystems grant programme and gives the blockchain app development $5 Million for securing our future!

Zilliqa (ZIL) Introduces Ecosystems Grant Program And Gives The Blockchain App Development $5 Million For   Securing The Future.

ZIL is an efficient blockchain program which can handle thousands of transactions per second. Recently they have revealed the details of the Zilliqa Ecosystem grant program. According to a research at the National University of Singapore, it was said that $5 Million is given to the program for the development of utilities and apps which will increase the power and generate a very high speed which further will protect the blockchain apps in payments, gaming, media and advertising.

There are pipeline products yet to be launched. So, it is confirmed that they are investing a lot of money in the research and development wing as they want this project to be an outstanding one. Zilliqa, as well as Scilla, are being further tested to modified in their initial phase to have great results in the end. They has also announced that it will be building its very own infrastructure to carry out the new projects.

Their moto is to develop the platform on to new levels with a high-speed performance to give better service to its customers also, Zilliqa has been associated with many educational institutions, academics, and engineers with a vision to bring them all together and learn about the technology. Knowledge sharing is the most efficient way to grow together so that everyone is on the same page. In early 2017, the company has built its first blockchain platform which was lacking in some technology and also there were minor bugs which needed to get fixed.

So, when it is launched in 2018 with a new technology its focus was to fix the bugs of existing smart contracts, in order to do it they have to launch a new smart contract language called Scilla.

Scilla is an intermediate level smart contract program language which gives the developer the privacy to write smart contracts. The company has allocated $5 Million to Scilla for the development of new apps, forming the Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant program. Out of the $5 Million 30% is used by ZIL and the rest amount share can be used in USD/ETH.

Zilliqa Head of Business Development says that it is a very transparent community which they have built of technical people around and everyone who has some vision or idea to contribute to its ecosystem is most welcome.

For the working and payment schedule, it has been announced, the team will be working according to the milestones and deliverables. The payments will be delivered to the technical persons involved in 3 phases, First, will be the initial payment then the mid-term payment and after the milestones have reached the final phase they will receive the final amount. This team is an open source where all the members would be responsible for the maintenance part and for a 1-year contract.

For the hiring process, the first phase would be the application process and it will start on 19th June. The whole observation and evaluation process would be done by the Zilliqa team. The process to submit your application is through drafting a proposal in a google form. Then it will be checked and evaluated by the team members to further initiate the process. Also, the team has the rights if the desired milestone is not achieved in the given time they have the authority to stop the payment at the last phase till the time the work has been completed according to your parameters.

This overall development in a blockchain platform is very helpful for the public as well as for the users of Zilliqa. It is helping to secure their payments and providing them privacy at their end. This is a world of technology where everything is done through online transactions and the user have a constant threat of cyber securities.

Zilliqa plans to work on a backbone foundation so, that in the future when everything is online there should be no threats to its users and everyone involved. A great effort by the company for this development and its spending will give better results and a secure future.

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