zimbra x

Next Generation of Zimbra Email & Collaboration Platform

Zimbra X is the next generation of the Zimba Email and Collaboration platform. This is the first-of-its-kind containerized architecture and react-based application, which is optimized for high performance and flexibility.

The Zimbra X platforms offers different benefits and features:

  • Cloud native and cloud agnostic
  • Stateless, highly available architecture
  • Automated container orchestration utilizing Docker Swarm or Kubernetes
  • Full separation of services and application

The Zimbra X Application has be built on top of Zimbra’s API and GraphQL, it is able to work on any device, it easily integrates with third party services for a customizable experience, and is WCAG compliant for full accessibility.

There are many different of Zimbra X, including automated deployment, recovery and traffic management, flexible cloud hybrid deployment options, easily customizable and extensible application, with third party services like Giphy and Emojis already integrated, and it is based on Zimbra’s open source project ensuring security and allowing for full source code review.

At the moment, Zimba X is in an invite-only beta. If you are a customer and want to see how it works for your organization, you can contact the team and if you want to join the beta, you can request access to the platform.

Synacor Inc's CEO Himesh Bhise had this to say followed by the second quote from Senior Vice President Erynn Petersen:

“We do believe Zimbra is in an ideal position to deliver a revolutionary email product by leveraging the blockchain technology at this time. The firm has put in considerable work in developing the Zimbra X architecture for it to be flexible for any cloud environment which would enable us to quickly develop and deploy it.”

“Zimbra X’s scalable high performance would enable consumer products to make use of capabilities of blockchain technology. The application is running on EOSIO technology is a result of Extensive research into various blockchain solutions and we expect EOSIO to emerge as one of the leading blockchain operating systems.”

Zimbra is part of Synacor, a company that was founded in 1998 and enables customers to better engage with their consumers. Synacor is a trusted technology development, multiplatform services and revenue partner for video, internet and communications providers, device manufacturers, and enterprises.

The company is headquartered in Buffalo, and has offices in Boston, Dallas, London, New York, Ottawa, Pune, San Francisco, Singapore, Tokyo, and Toronto.

What do you guys think of the first EOS enterprise application in Zimbra X?

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