Recently, the proliferation of scams in the cloud mining sector has been nothing short of alarming. As the days go by, Ponzi schemes roll out in numbers, often masquerading as genuine high yield investment programs. Investors should tread lightly when it comes to transacting on this platform.

What Is Zioxo Crypto Mining?

Zioxo Crypto Mining is a registered organization in the United Kingdom. It primary indulges in a variety of business such as investment opportunities, remote trades, oil and mineral exchanging, and virtual currency trade markets. So far, the company has been in operation for over six years.

The organization fronts itself as a standout performer in its sector. It has wealth of experience in its leadership, a quality that guarantees profits in their daily transactions. In this regard, the firm’s primary objective is to afford an opportunity to each of its members to gain profits in a riskless environment involving an array of speculation pools. As a result, the company can offer higher loans to its customers, with the capability of protection and adapting, an advantage that gives the upper hand over its peers.

Zioxo Crypto Mining Crypto Investment Features And Plans

The Zioxo Crypto Mining is dedicated towards increment of their current assets, which is why they utilize the services of renowned financial specialists. Usually, these experts identify new openings and investment opportunities.

The main features of the Zioxo Crypto Mining platform are;

  • 24/7 support and customer care
  • Instant processing of withdrawals
  • DDoS protection and encryption
  • Precise value proposition

The platform accepts both e-money and digital currencies, including Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, and so on. Deposits made in fiat form (USD) are usually added immediately, while cryptocurrency deposits usually await verification by the blockchain.

Regarding plans, Zioxo Crypto Mining is an archetypal HYIP. Profit levels are insane, with rates ranging for 140% per day. Besides, users can earn extra income through the highly-rewarding affiliate program.

Zioxo Crypto Mining Conclusion

This is definitely a scam; all the pointers are there. For a company whose headquarters are apparently in England, the grammar and wording used on the website is way below par. Furthermore, it has all the classic features of a Ponzi scheme. The profits rates are meant to coax investors into the scheme. The promise of daily profits is unfeasible, especially given that the business deals with the highly volatile virtual currencies.

Another glaring schoolboy mistake is in the ‘about us’ section. Allegedly, the company has been existence for six years, used the same website displays that the company has been in operation for three days. This indicates that the content was put up hurriedly, as is typical with fraudulent organizations. Therefore, investors who value their hard-earned money should keep away from Zioxo Crypto Mining as it is a hoax.


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