Zipper is building a mobile platform which brings blockchain-based solutions to the masses by making them simple to use. The project aims to increase blockchain powered devices which even grandmothers can utilize. Even though ethereum and other blockchains allow a new decentralized market, the awkward user experience, for instance, with handling one's private keys, can severely hinder the mass adoption of various blockchain services.

The Zipper group is specialized in constructing open source mobile operating, system communities and products. A decade ago, they helped construct Nokia's Meego OS, and founded Jolla in 2011 to create the individual Sailfish OS which is currently licensed by several large countries and industry players. They have also grown busy open source communities around these projects, an advantage they can further utilize with the Zipper initiative.

Zipper’s Market Entry Strategy

As its first step to enter the market, Zipper is currently in partnership discussions with Jolla to establish a developer & community program for Sony Xperia smartphone. Developers can use the device to incorporate their blockchain based solutions to the Zipper platform. Later on, Zipper platform as well as the services incorporated into it will be accessible to many other Android and Sailfish OS tablets as a pre-installed or downloadable solution.

The Zip token will be used by service providers to access Zipper system's premium features and reward their busy users. Zipper will even invest equally fiat and zip tokens into projects which are essential for the Zipper cellular ecosystem to be successful, and invites present blockchain projects to integrate their solutions in the Zipper platform.

Assembling The Ethereum Powered Ecosystem

Zipper aims to construct five key cornerstones to create the blockchain powered open mobile


  • Developer & community program for Sony xperia devices to enable app developers to integrate their solutions to Zipper platform and also to enable pioneer users.
  • Strong cellular dapp ecosystem, partly funded by the Zipper project, to supply Zipper platform's users the services they need, easily and safely.
  • Distribution of Zipper platform to the hands of users through Android and Sailfish OS device vendor partnerships, a downloadable platform, and a tumultuous lending device version.
  • Passionate user and developer community empowered by zip token.

Issuance & Allocation Of The ZIP Token

Zip trust releases these ERC20 tokens gradually for more than 20 years to Zipper ecosystem. Participants get the following benefits for supporting the allocation of zip tokens:

Allocation of ZIP tokens:

  • 40% token sales (released over several years)
  • 20% dapp developers & community (released over several years)
  • 20% platform developers & promotion (released over several years)
  • 20% Zipper Global Ltd (vested and released over two years)

Token balances ensure that payments are handled in a trustless and protected way. To further help the transaction scalability of zip token, they've chosen to maintain the implementation of the token as straightforward as possible by basically staying as close to pure token functionality (transfers, balances) as possible.

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