Zkylos, a startup company with a focus on creating global animal databases and AI-powered processing system for pets has finally scheduled an ICO launch for September of this year. Thanks to this company's efforts, all of the pet lovers and blockchain enthusiasts will be united and brought into one individual ecosystem.

What Is Zkylos?

Zkylos is a company dedicated to creating an easy and quick process of importing pet-related data via blockchain technology. The processing system, which has been in development since July 2017, will be powered by carefully developed AI.

Hopefully, the new system will work much faster, and be a lot cheaper data processing solution which will provide a unified network for all pet owners to join. The network will also be open for pet breeders, as well as all other relevant organizations.

Zkylos Global Pet Data Blockchain AI Identification Inspiration

The company was inspired by a lot of difficulties that the pet owners have to endure while doing something as simple as registering their pets. The entire process takes a lot of time, money, and an incredible amount of paperwork, which all falls down on the owner to fill out and pay.

The various offices that are usually part of the process that often doesn't share any kind of connection to one another, which causes each of them to set their own fees. Even then, when the owner does everything that is expected of them, a mistake in the system, or an innocent error made by someone within the offices can set the entire process back to its start.

Zkylos' idea to create a single blockchain-based platform that would link these offices and organizations is genius, and many might be wondering why nobody did this sooner. The company is creating a system that shows a lot of potential, and it can even change and evolve with the needs of both, pet owners, as well as various organizations connected to the process.

Zkylos Challenges And Solutions

On its quest to make the pet owners' lives easier, the company has faced a lot of challenges. This includes the lack of transparency and convenience, outdated infrastructures, as well as the complete absence of a common database, as mentioned previously.

All of these issues can be solved by implementing the proper administrative processing system for pets, as well as a data storage. According to their whitepaper, the system will be powered by AI, and accessible to the public, which is expected to solve a lot of problems on the global level.

Using this system will provide various benefits, including convenience, transparency, speed, as well as a much, much cheaper service. The system will even bring benefits for the governmental offices, since all of the organizations involving pets will be easier to tax, and control things like vaccination and standard unification.

All of this will be possible thanks to the blockchain platform, as well as Utility tokens issued by Ethereum's (ETH) blockchain, also known as ERC20 tokens. The tokens will be used in various settlements regarding services and goods, and the company will also give them as rewards for different contributions to the project. Of course, the traditional ways of payment will also be kept as an option for those who are not interested in purchasing or using ZKS tokens.

Zkylos ZKS Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: ZKS
  • Token Sale Date: September 2018
  • Token Price: .021 USD
  • Accepted Payment Method: ETH, BTC, DASH, Monero, and Litecoin
  • Total Supply: 350 Million
  • Token Standard: Ethereum
  • Soft Cap: None
  • Hard Cap: 7.35 Million

Zkylos Conclusion

Despite the company's huge success so far, there is still a lot of work to be done, as their roadmap can display. The company has an ICO planned for September, and the marketing campaign for this part is already starting.

After that, they will start the development of an ALPHA version of the platform, followed by its release in 2019, after which the BETA version's development and release are to take place. In the end, the company has set a goal of expanding to at least 3 new jurisdictions in Q3 2020.

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