Recently, there has a high proliferation of cryptocurrencies; there are over 1,300 to choose from. As a result, investors are often faced with a challenge on which choice is the most suitable. ZNAQ provides a solution to this dilemma by offering an option that allows traders to invest in the whole crypto space suing a single digital currency.

ZNAQ Tradeable Cryptocurrency Index Coin

ZNAQ Index

ZNQ is the pioneering token-based index buying which enables investors to invest on the entire cryptocurrency market. The price of the ZNQ index and token is influenced by the mean market capitalization, which ensures all market changes are highlighted.

ZNAQ Token

The ZNAQ token concurrently serves as both a digital asset as well as a speculative investment tool. Its price is equivalent to the value of the ZNAQ index, so it is subject to market volatility hence constant fluctuations. For instance, over the past one year, the value has soared from a lowly $0.15 to a respectable $6.

Notably, all transactions regarding the ZNAQ Token are calculated and executed using smart contracts based on the situational value of the ZNAQ Index.

ZNAQ Token Uses

ZNAQ Cryptex

The ZNAQ Cryptex is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows investors to exchange digital assets to make profits. Most of the products are offer in form of Futures Contracts.

ZNAQ Analytics

As its name suggest, ZNAQ Analytics is a tool that evaluates the recent trends in the crypto space. It encompasses several aspects, including technical analysis, future projections, discussion forums and a comprehensive market analysis tool. Using information from ZNAQ Analytics, investors are better positioned to make profitable trading decisions.

Market Analysis & ZNAQ Solution

In recent times, the cryptocurrency market has undergone an unprecedented boom. Between January 2017 and January 2018, the market capitalization shot up by whopping 3200%. This shows that the demand for digital currencies will intensify as more people join the trade.

The ZNAQ Index provides an equal opportunity to every investor to participate in profitable cryptocurrency trading. Also, the ZNAQ project is not entirely dependent on a single digital currency; rather, it considers all dynamics of the entire crypto space.

ZNAQ Conclusion

Evidently, the cryptocurrency market is on an upward spiral. However, the current business model focuses on single entities, a trends that ZNAQ intends to disrupt. By tying the value of its Index to the entire crypto market, ZNAQ provides an innovative and riskless alternative to the existent models that is more profitable in comparison.

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