If you are looking for a company that is able to offer you full legal support for your gambling business, then Zoco Casino Software will assist you on this and much more. They are in a position to assist you in various aspects; it is from helping you choose the right licensor and also efficiently guide you through the licensing procedure.

About Zoco Casino

The company is based in Ireland, and it has been able to gain an extensive network experience in all things gambling and also e-commerce. The company mainly specializes in the acquisition of licenses for the various online casinos. But this is not all as the company will also ensure they promote your gambling business in the market to ensure you get your feet wet in the business world.

In 2016, Zococs decided it was also time for them to launch their own gambling platform. Currently, the company is driving investments to their new project; it is all thanks to the know how they have gained operating in the market. Not forgetting the latest technologies, they have incorporated that assists them in meeting the highest industry standards, for sure it is a platform you should be a part of if you are in the gambling business.

Zoco Casino Licenses

If you are under Zococs, you will be able to get licenses under the following jurisdictions.

Costa Rica. In this region they have over 200 companies that have registered and over 300 websites, under this region, you will get data processing licenses instead of the regular gambling license.

Alderney. This jurisdiction has been in operation since 2005; this is around the time the Alderney Gambling Commission was established.

Isle of Man. The jurisdiction has been known for its stability and also safety as it follows a very rigid supervisory approach.

If you were looking to get into one of these jurisdictions then Zoco casino software can be a good ally, it is evident they are well informed of the best practices that should be applied.

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