Zohem ICO (ZDT Token)

Zohem is an open source user behavior data exchange protocol. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Zohem?

Zohem, found online at Zohem.com, is a user behavior data marketplace where advertisers can buy and sell user behavior data.

User behavior data – and other data – is quickly becoming the “oil” of the internet economy. It’s digital gold. Today, most user data is aggregated by Google and Facebook – which is why they’re two of the world’s most valuable companies. These companies sell user behavior data to advertisers, then charge high fees to access that data. They have a dominant share of the marketplace, which means lower revenues for publishers and higher marketing costs for advertisers.

Zohem envisions a different future. Zohem aims to decentralized data using the blockchain, then create a marketplace where participants can actively access market data.

How Does Zohem Work?

Zohem aims to create a system where advertisers can buy inventory from publishers without relying on Google or Facebook as mediators. Zohem will create a thriving, competitive market where publishers get a larger share for their hard work of engaging users, while advertisers still end up paying less for the same ad inventory.

Here’s how each of the three participants in the advertising ecosystem interact with Zohem, including publishers, advertisers, and users:

  • Publishers can monetize user data effectively by adding it to a decentralized data layer
  • Advertisers can get better targeting options by using accurate user data from numerous publishers
  • Users can audit transactions concerting their data, with all transactions recorded on the blockchain

The Zohem ecosystem has three layers to its data exchange protocol, including the “Core”, “Mantle”, and “Crust”:

  • The Core takes raw data from publishers, validates that data, gives it a confidence score, then compensates contributors
  • The Mantle processes data from the Core and turns it into a digestible format that advertisers can use for ad targeting
  • The Crust provides a set of APIs to build third party apps, including recommendation engines, using data from the Core

The Zohem ecosystem revolves around the Zohem Data Token, or ZDT. ZDTs are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. They’re used to exchange data. Zohem will sell ZDT tokens in a token sale.

What Problems Does Zohem Seek to Solve?

Zohem identifies all of the following problems in today’s advertising industry:

  • There are little or no incentives for publishers. Data management platforms, or DMPs, need to access lots of data. That’s why they add trackers to the publisher’s websites. Publishers don’t get rewarded for adding trackers to their site.
  • Publishers are finding it increasingly difficult to support themselves on advertising revenue, with some websites switching to paid subscription models, leading to reduced free content across the internet.
  • There’s a lack of transparency about data collection, and data management platforms (DMPs) rarely reveal how their data was collected or how accurate that data is. Advertisers have no choice but to trust these platforms anyway.
  • There are data theft and privacy issues. DMPs use unhealthy data collection methods, putting users and publishers at a risk of data theft. The user’s data gets stolen, but the publisher suffers a loss of reputation. This makes publishers increasingly wary of using trackers on their websites.
  • Google and Facebook have a duopoly over the user behavior data marketplace. They have enormous control over the market, and they charge high fees for that market position.

Who’s Behind Zohem?

Zohem is led by Nikunj Jain (CEO), Ayush Varshney (CTO), and Sumit Gupta (COO).

Nikunj is a serial entrepreneur whose first company was an Android gaming studio that attracted over 150 million downloads. He also created a celebrity Q&A video social network that raised $2.6 million in venture capital.

The company is based in Singapore.

The Zohem ICO (ZDT Token) Sale

There’s a total supply of 1 billion ZDTs. Of the total supply, 30% are going to a public crowdsale, with the remaining tokens going to a publisher pool (40%), the team (20%), advisors (2%), bounties and influencers (3%), and a community modules fund (5%).

Zohem ICO (ZDT Token) Conclusion

Zohem is an open source user behavior data exchange protocol that uses blockchain to disrupt today’s advertising industry. The goal is to create a decentralized user behavior marketplace with lower fees than today’s user behavior markets.

To learn more about Zohem and how it works, visit online today at Zohem.com.

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