What Is Zonafide?

The new company Zonafide is a digital wallet platform that is designed to help secure activities. They are developed to help ensure that the thing you need to keep secure are safe and private. The main reason is that cyber rimes like fraud and hacking are becoming more and more common. But with the help of Zonafide, they claim you can help avoid any of those unwanted problems from ever effecting you while you’re on the network.

Zonafide TOG ICO Details

The ICO for the company starts in a little over 28 days and 13 hours at the time of this writing. The news telegram you can keep updated at is called ZonafideWalletNews and community telegram is called the ZonafideWallet. This is a digital wallet that can be used to secure all activities.

There is already supposedly built & first use to case and ready to go for operations. They decided to use the Ethereum blockchain to support the functionality of Zonafide. The wallet is a DApp that is used for the system and it has been apparently available on Android and Apple products since March of 2017.

The platform is gaining local governments in the UK to help make the public aware of the project. The Zonafide Digital Wallet is used for the secure use of various activities that have private information like birthdates, marriages and deaths. There is a projected $850 million dollar market to start.

This is also said to be a completely global opportunity that can be used from everything like buying homes, to changing your bank details. And with the team behind the company, it’s likely they’ll deliver as promised.

Who Is Behind Zonafide?

The founder for the company is Paul Worrall and he has more than twenty-five years in the development of software as well as the distribution of computing and banking. The co-founder is Salena Worrall and she has more than fifteen years working in the UK’s Public Sector.

Zonafide Conclusion

The platform is basically a massive safety protocol oriented network to help protect UK citizens. They use a digital wallet to help keep your assets secure while at the same time providing accurate Oracles that operate as safety authorities on the various domains. The company is headed by a man and his wife who there is not a lot of information about.

Keep an eye on them, as they appear to be a mom and pops type of crypto network. It could be an interesting platform to watch. I would definitely get more information on the two people participating in the development of the platform before making any big moves.

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