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The reason why different cryptocurrencies exist is because of their respective applications as well as the amount of time they take to complete a transaction. But at a period when scammers are taking advantage of unsuspecting crypto enthusiasts, it’s worth reviewing these coins to ascertain if indeed they are safe to buy and use.

Today, we are looking at Zonecoin, based on what is available on Bitcointalk forum, the coin’s official website –, as well as other reviews available online.

First, at the time of doing this review, Zonecoin’s official website was inaccessible while its Twitter handle had little information worth talking about – the latest tweet was about four months ago.

Much of the information written here, therefore, was obtained from Bitcointalk conversations and a few other websites. It is unclear why the website gives an error message whenever we tried to access it.

What is ZoneCoin ZNE?

ZoneCoin ZNE is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed to facilitate seamless trade while still reducing the amount of time required for a transaction to be completed. Essentially, this coin was designed for retailers and sellers as it rectifies the flaws associated with Bitcoin. It bridges the gap, bringing more retailers into the world of crypto and making them feel appreciated in an ecosystem exclusively designed for them.

Zonecoin had a vision to ultimately create bi-lateral cryptocurrency that has business owners and its users at its core. The coin is designed, not to appeal to online retailers only, but also those who have no prior knowledge about cryptocurrency.

ZoneCoin ZNE Coin Specifications

  • Its algorithm – SCRYPT PoW/Pos
  • Symbol of coin – ZNE
  • Its Total Coin Supply – 21 million
  • Original Block Reward – 50 ZNE
  • Coinbase Maturity – 20 Blocks
  • Transactions needed before confirmation – six
  • Final Proof of Work (PoW) Block – 100,000
  • Proof of Stake (PoS) coin age – 8 hours to Pos
  • PoS interest – 10% per annum
  • Target spacing – 64 seconds
  • Target timespan – 1 block
  • Seed Node (EU) –
  • Seed Node (UK) –

There was no Pre-mine and mining was done on the miner’s own pool, at a 1.5% fee, a sum that was channeled to support the development of Zonecoin fund.

The ZoneCoin ZNE Verdict

Despite the absence of any substantial information about this coin, it is somehow bizarre that Zonecoin is listed in a couple of exchanges, including and In both of these sites, Zonecoin seem to be gaining with steady growth in the coin’s value over the recent past apparent in also gives a poor review.

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