There are many positive signs as to when E-sports will outlive its adolescent stage. Most sports analysts see 2018 as the year we would witness an increase in the tapping of the e-sports industry. Already different individuals, companies, and organizations have taken the liberty to form their own e-sports team depending on their sports. Consequently, this means there is a lot of financial backing going into these ventures.

Global eSports leagues are said to be raking in millions regarding prizes, rewards, and bonuses for professional players. However, not everyone can make it as a professional eSports player. Although talented, you might lack the sponsors or individual investors, but that should not mean an end to your hopes as you are going to find soon out.

What Is Zonex?

ZoneX is a blockchain network that will provide an opportunity for anyone to create a cyber-athlete career and earn from playing their favorite games or even join a professional eSports team. The venture intends to organize and hold tournaments that will help bring together the eSports community and consequently create a social network.

Such a concept will aim to solve the challenges experienced with the under-developed online tournament environments we are witnessing now. Despite the fact that technology will allow for all types of tournaments or players, there exist few that would allow rewarding amateurs for playing in eSports competitions. The team behind ZoneX took notice of this development and are now on course to initiate the first professional cybersports career platform for all.

Zonex Structure Model

  • Content creators- this section will include journalists, cosplayers and commentators create and uploading content onto the platform for a reward.
  • Tournaments- ZoneX will hold various sports ranging from elimination, free to sponsored competitions with an entry fee, prize fund, announcer, judges, and journalists to report.
  • Sponsors- any individual can sponsor a tournament by providing their prizes, services, fiat or cryptocurrency as a reward.
  • Advertisers- you get to place ads on the platform and maximum their viewership to the online gaming community
  • Partners- individual in this category can sell their eSports goods or services on the platform’s shopping portal by using the ZoneX tokens(ZNX)
  • Cyber athletes- anyone can join and earn ZNX by participating and winning the tournaments. You also get the token as donations, by selling merchandise or placing ads on your eSports profile page.
  • Referees- act as the tournament arbitrators and judges taking 5% salary of the tournament prize funds.
  • Coaches- are in charge of the professional teams and can negotiate the buying and selling of his team players through the use of smart contracts.
  • Fans- viewers can support the player’s development by donating, buying their merchandise or pay for their partnerships.

Zonex eSports Bets & Tournaments Benefits

As a pioneering project in its own right, ZoneX is set to unleash benefits never seen before in the eSports industry. The utilization of blockchain technology will completely outright the existing structure and create a leaner and efficient system for our cyber gaming careers.

The following are the advantages you could expect with ZoneX

  • Provides a professional arena for the players without a financial backing
  • Monetization of the gaming career allows players to earn something from their Robust gaming infrastructure to support upcoming and talented cyber athletes
  • Authentic outcomes ensure it is impossible to cheat or favor a particular result

Zonex ZNX ICO Details

  • Total Amount Of Tokens For Sale – 60,000,000 ZNX
  • Token Price 1 ETH – 10,000 ZNX
  • Minimum Purchase – 1,000 ZNX
  • Maximum Purchase – Unlimited
  • Accepted Currency – ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, XMR, DASH, ZEC, XRP
  • ICO Starts – April 16, 2018
  • ICO Ends – May 06, 2018


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