ZOOM, an intellectual and outsourcing platform, has its eyes on blockchain technology. According to the company’s CEO, Plaman Nedyalkovis, the startup hopes to offer its users blockchain based solutions that will transform their experience on the platform.

The company believes that blockchain technology can impact positively on business relationships between its users as well as ensure secure payments on the platform. ZOOM will connect its freelancers with virtual clients by using a unique blockchain based ID system and smart contracts.

About Zoom

ZOOM hopes to use blockchain technology to bring about more transparent interactions between clients and freelancers. The CEO also believed that payments made over blockchain would strengthen the relationships between all the users since they will be secure. Once payment is made, it will be held by the platform until both parties confirm that they’re in agreement.

With blockchain, there will be increased integrity on the platform since ZOOM will use a unique blockchain based identification system to verify the credentials of the clients and freelancers. An algorithm will identify, verify and authenticate private data as a measure to lock out fraud.

While working online, freelancers face the risk of not getting their dues for tasks done. However, ZOOM seeks to get rid of such incidents by using blockchain technology. Clients can also have confidence that they will get value for their money by engaging freelancers on a secure network.

ZOOM also wants to have a solid tribunal that will help resolve any conflict that may arise between users. The ‘jury like’ system will offer an opportunity to review and resolve disputes in the most amicable way.

In The Future…

ZOOM is working tirelessly to fully integrate smart contracts into its system. The CEO also hinted that the company was looking for partners and that they also had an ICO in mind. He said that the two would happen in about one and a half months’ time. ZOOM joins the likes of Coinlancer and Ethearnal in incorporating blockchain technology into freelancing. Such moves continue to validate blockchain technology as the future of most companies.

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