Zouk Coin

Zouk Coin is an investment scheme that promises to pay you 47% returns every month through “seamless wealth creation”. Find out if it’s a scam or a good opportunity today in our review.

What Is ZoukCoin?

Zouk Coin, found online at ZoukCoin.com, describes itself as “a state-of-the-art lending platform that lets you enhance your income streams with minimum effort.”

Like other cryptocurrency-based investment schemes, Zouk Coin promises to help anyone get rich quick with no effort, skill, or hard work required.

The company claims to have created “a self-regulated financial system based on blockchain technology”. Using this system, anyone can become “financially independent” and “perpetually enhance you ROI [sic]”.

The Zouk Coin website has all the red flags of a cryptocurrency investment scam, including numerous spelling mistakes, a poorly explained business model, and a complete lack of team information. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how Zouk Coin works.

How Does ZoukCoin Lending Exchange Work?

Zouk Coin claims to allow users to make money in four different ways. You sign up for the platform, purchase Zouk Coins, then get rich quick through one of four different income streams:

Lending: You can lend with Zouk Coin on the built-in lending platform to earn daily interest and profits. The company claims investors can expect to earn 47% returns per month – similar to the returns offered by infamous scams like Bitconnect and other so-called “lending platforms”.

Referrals: Like all good pyramid schemes, Zouk Coin lets you invite peers, then earn 7% commissions from their referrals. You get 7% commissions on the first level of referrals, then 3% on the second level and 1% on the third level.

Staking and Mining: You can stake Zouk Coin to earn profits as a crypto asset. The company claims ZUK “is like gold” because it’s “highly valuable with an ever growing valuation.” Sounds legit! In any case, staking Zouk Coin will pay you 70% per month.

Exchange: Make money by trading Zouk Coins through the built-in ZUK exchange platform. No major exchange currently offers ZUK trading, and the only way to buy and sell coins is through the Zouk Coin exchange.

ZoukCoin Investment Packages

Zouk Coin offers 7 different tiers of investment packages, each of which has a different membership fee. You’ll need to pay that membership fee with bitcoin, then receive ZUK in return to begin participating in the lending scheme. Here’s how each investment package works:

  • Tier 1 ($50 to $1000): 47% ROI per month, capital locked for 190 days
  • Tier 2 ($1001 to $5000): 47% ROI per month plus 0.10% ROI per day, capital locked for 150 days
  • Tier 3 ($5001 to $10,000): 47% ROI per month plus 0.15% ROI per day, capital locked for 120 days
  • Tier 4 ($10,001 to $20,000): 47% ROI per month plus 0.20% ROI per day, capital locked for 100 days
  • Tier 5 ($20,001 to $50,000): 47% ROI per month plus 0.25% ROI per day, capital locked for 90 days
  • Tier 6 ($50,001 to $100,000): 47% ROI per month plus 0.30% ROI per day, capital locked for 79 days
  • Tier 7 ($100,000+): 47% ROI per month plus 0.35% ROI per day, capital locked for 50 days

The ZoukCoin ZUK ICO

The Zouk Coin (ZUK) token sale begins on January 15, 2018. There’s a total supply of 46 million ZUK tokens, although just 9 million tokens will be sold during the token sale.

ZUK tokens are sold at a price of $0.25 to $1.15 per ZUK. Only a certain number of tokens are being sold each day, including 500,000 tokens on the first day, for example, rising to 2 million tokens on the final day.

The ICO is scheduled to end on February 15, 2018. You can earn 7% referral commissions for referring someone to the ICO.

The funds raised through the ICO will be used for “further development expenses” (32.6%), “marketing expenses” (27.4%), referral payouts (5.8%), legal and counsel (4.2%), “community support” (12.7%), and “service expenses” (17.3%).

Who’s Behind ZoukCoin?

Typically, when you invest in an ICO, you want to see transparent team information. You want to know who’s running the company and what their experience is. Zouk Coin, however, hasn’t revealed any of its team information. We don’t know where the company is located, nor do we know why the team is qualified to handle your investment money.

When someone asks you to send money online for a powerful “investment opportunity”, but refuses to disclose any information about themselves, it’s a sign you’re probably being scammed.

ZoukCoin Conclusion

Zouk Coin is holding an ICO for its ZUK tokens between January 15 and February 15. The platform currently has no products, services, or features: the lending platform is scheduled to launch on February 15, with the staking platform launching on March 15. However, neither platform is available to the public at this time, and it’s unclear how either platform will help the company achieve its advertised 47% ROI for investors each month.

Ultimately, based on everything we can find online today, Zouk Coin is yet another shady cryptocurrency lending scheme that makes unrealistic promises to investors. You can learn more about the platform at ZoukCoin.com.

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