What Is ZRCoin?

ZrCoin is a project that is concerned with the production of zirconium dioxide. The compound used in industrial applications where temperatures are high. Despite this, it has a limited life and needs to be often replaced. The used up zirconium is replaced, and more is mined, leading to a lot of wastage.

This project has developed a technique that makes it possible to recycle used material. This means it can be used endlessly. They only need funding to makes the project a reality. At the ICO, various coins will be accepted including BTC, WAVES, and the US dollar. The funding for the project is valued in fiat.

ZRCoin Zirconium (ZrO2) Commodity Blockchain Option Benefits

The company will buy back twice the price in fiat within the first eight months. Besides that, there is a 50% bonus for early bird investors. If you change your mind, you can get an instant refund after the ICO.

ZRCoin ZRC Token ICO Details

The ICO for this project took place last year, and the project managed to raise the required funds. The coin is now available for trade on public exchanges.

What ZRCoin Future

Most investors predict that ZrCoin will experience growth at a rate of 5.5% a month. They also believe the limit for growth is at $2.80. However, this is a major underestimation. The growth potential for this coin might exceed even the most optimistic expectations.

The 5.5% per month is the payment, which the company can make from the current forecast revenues of the factory. This is a guaranteed profit calculated. The main driver of growth for ZrCoin is the exchange of the token for company shares. Since the shares can only be acquired by exchanging the coins for shares, this will drive demand for the coin. One cannot buy the shares directly.

When The ZRCoin Exchange Will Occur

The exchange of the ZrCoin for shares will occur at the best time for the investors. This will be around a year after the construction of the factory begins. This will be after financial statements have been delivered, and an evaluation of the company has been done, before the closure of debt obligations to investors.

As a result, investors will see the financial success of the factory. This will make it quite attractive due to the obligations at this time. After the share swap, the company will be able to pay off all obligations by selling the shares. A good example of this is what happened for Bitfinex.

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