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ZTrader: Profitable Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Bot?

What Is ZTrader?

Ztrader is an automated cryptocurrency trading bot built to analyze and trade on behalf of the clients. The software utilizes the most effective algorithm, making trades accurate and precise. The company claims that their system is secret, and that all they can reveal is the Ztrader sells and buys based on professional trading strategies and technical indicators.

To get started, Ztrader allows you access to a demo account, with which you can prove that their trading strategies indeed work as purported to. Both new and experienced traders are then required to begin with an initial capital of at least 0.03 BTC.

ZTrader Features And Benefits

The system comes with a number of features, all meant to make cryptocurrency trading easy for users. Here’s what to expect:

Automated Trading

This is the whole idea of the Ztrader. It runs non-stop, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that users don’t miss a single opportunity.

Advanced Notifications

Notifications of any trading made is done via email. This includes date/time, profit made, price bought and sold, and traded pair.

Security And Protection

In order to protect clients from making loses; Ztrader utilizes smart stop loss in order to minimize losses. In addition to this, it has more account measures to keep all funds safe.

No Extra Fees And Restrictions

The Company only takes 0.75% for every trade executed or an annual payment of 0.25 BTC to get the full license. Once you get it, you have complete access of the features.

Fast Trade Execution

The trades are executed at a lightning speed, giving the software an edge when it comes to catching dumps and pumps.

Responsive Support

Ztrader claims to have a very responsive support through their telegram channel or email. They handle all queries, doing what they can to address every user concern or doubt.

Fully Cloud Based

According to Ztrader, their system runs in fast and reliable cloud-based servers.

Ztrader Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Packages And Pricing

Ztrader offers three major plans for its clients. These include:

Demo Plan

Starter Plan

  • 0.75% fee per trade
  • Real-time prices
  • Live trades
  • Software updates
  • 365 days support
  • Deposits and withdrawals enabled
  • Referral program
  • 10% bonus for first deposit

License Plan

  • Real-time prices
  • Live trades
  • Software updates
  • Deposits and withdrawals enabled
  • Referral program
  • Exchanges API
  • No trading fees

ZTrader Conclusion

Ztrader has ventured where few are willing to venture. Even with the current volatility of the cryptocurrency market, the system guarantees to automatically trade on the behalf of the clients, making them profits. Although it doesn’t give a specific return rate, the company claims that the system has an average of 4% daily profit, not to mention 86% win-rate on trades. These are unrealistic promises, so make sure to do due diligence and learn more about the company before investing in it.



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