There are different ways to make money with cryptocurrency, and High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) is just one of them. HYIPs deliver daily returns on your initial investment of cryptocurrency and can be attractive since they generate income faster than other investments. But caution should be exercised since they can be risky. Let’s look at Zureabit.com, a new high yield investment program.

It is difficult for us to know the actual paying status of Zureabit.com until we start investing in it. Therefore, we advise you to look into other investment companies we have already reviewed on our blog if you are looking to utilize your spare funds.

Is Zureabit.com Paying?

We are still working to find out if Zureabit.com is paying. We will only be able to offer concrete advice after analyzing all other HYIPs on our list. Please keep visiting our blog since we will be updating information on new and promising HYIPs.

Is Zureabit.com Risky?

Every investment comes with a touch of risk, especially HYIPs. We discourage investing for the first time without knowing the payment status of a high yield investment program. We also encourage investors to not immediately reinvest after withdrawing. Please visit HYIP monitors frequently to know if Zurebit.com is risky, and to know the most recent payment

Zureabit.com Investment Plans

Zurebit.com offers the following four investment plans:

  • 107% for 7 days (payment hourly)
  • 112% for 7 days (payment on maturity)
  • 130% for 15 days (payment on maturity)
  • 190% for 30 days (payment on maturity)


We can not confidently advise you to trust Zurebit.com at this point. We advise you be careful, and encourage you to find out about the site’s payment status from several different HYIP monitors. We are certain that you will be successful finding genuine HYIPs with research and caution.

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