ZXChange ICO (ZXC Coin)

What is ZXChange (ZXC Coin)?

ZXChange is the new and ready to be released to the world with the new whitelisting and ICO. What’s strange about the company is they have two websites, each with a different team roster, neither of which is the same. That’s a little suspicious is you ask me. That could mean one of two things, either they’re both fraudulent or one is and the other isn’t.

But that has yet to be seen. For now, we’ll focus on what the platform is. Right now, it’s main issue is said to solve the KYC/AML issue, something that has been causing problems in the system for a lengthy amount of time.

How Does ZXC Work?

The crypto reward ecosystem is based on a cryptocurrency exchange system. And the ZRC token is the next generation digital distribution platform for all the various cryptocurrency exchanges. It will offer the best motivational and multilevel referral systems online.

Benefits of the platform for investors are multiple. There is a personal five-level referral program, and you can get earnings from personal and joint achievements. Also, there is a great potential for personal as well as joint achievements. There is also monetization that is based on high-quality content that has been created. And the syndication purposes of the platform to also earn from other joint activities.

The benefits for the customers is a personal five-level referral program as well as a multilingual 24/7 customer support service system as well. With target and content generated audiences at the start of the project for everyone. The techniques used are simple and designed to provide you with techniques to get traffic both externally and internally.

There are other key benefits to using the token as well, for one the ZXC tokens are a priority based on the internal mechanism for interaction happening on the Abyss platform. And any earnings from the referral programs and motivational platforms are paid out in ZXC tokens. It’s the majority of the internal services, that really rely primarily on the ZXC Tokens.

There will be accesses given to the motivational and referral programs with auctions, internal CPA networks and other syndicates that rely on the ZXC tokens. And not like fiat payments, unlike fiat payments, when using the ZXC token, users receive a valuable discount.

And a third of the platform’s commissions from the internal CPA networks as well as auctions will be burn via the smart contract. These are only a few of the different bonuses and opportunities on the so-called platform. But, as mentioned before – there are two websites promoting the same token and ICO with two different teams, neither of which has been verified.

Details Regarding the ZXChange ICO (ZXC Coin)

It’s going to be the next generation channel for digital distribution as a simple to use platform. With ta groundbreaking motivational and referral system, the customers and trader both have various opportunities to help improve their income.

There is a soft cap for the token that is currently at 4million and a hard cap currently of 10million. You can register at the zxcico.com – As of now, there have been 339 people who have registered for the platform and another 208 who are actively using it.

Who is Behind ZXChange (ZXC Coin)?

It’s hard to say, if you look at zxcico.com the team project leader and founder is Kevin Dole. And if you look at zzcex.com, the CEO is simply known as Chuc M. That’s a bad sign considering that there is no last name or inclination as to who the real team is.

ZXChange ICO (ZXC Coin) Conclusion

There seams to be a lot of goof things about the team, but the reality is there is no telling which of the sites is real. It could be one, the other, neither or both. I would hesitate before investing a lot of money with the company, but at this point it’s too risky to invest with ZXC.

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  1. hello,
    This is Kevin Dole from ZXChange (now is WorldEX.io) we are in the process of change our main website since & final works is still being done. I so Sorry for the big confusing there. to answer on the confused question. And if you look at zzcex.com, the CEO is simply known as Chuc M is a customer review on the test site & is not part of our team. Sorry again.
    Thank you,


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