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Zymbit, a hardware security modules developer for IoT devices, has recently announced its partnership with Oaken Innovations, a blockchain technology company focused on secure IoT apps, to promote a potential product development. The duo believe that this partnership can help to expand Zymbit’s security modules, by making sure they are compatible with EVM blockchains.

The project appears to have flourished in need of increasing security and privacy, as Zymbit’s generation six hardware security modules will be helpful in producing blockchain software for IoT devices that are secure. The embedded API can also help developers better their wallet generating processes, while efficiently storing private keys and signing transactions.

Oaken Innovations role in all this is to ensure that Zymbit’s security module is in fact, compatible with the EVM and to depict the different applications within the automotive and IoT spaces. In addition to cyber security, this project aims to provide physical security, simple integration and low power packages.

The CEOs of Oaken Innovations and Zymbit, John Gerryts and Phil Strong respectively, have expressed joint confidence in the partnership as well as each other’s strong expertise levels.

Gerryts, not only praised the potential Zymbit’s six security module has, by stating:

“We and other developers will be able to secure blockchain wallet keys and signed transactions on edge devices, like automobiles, delivering best in class security for our blockchain software products.” He also went on to suggest that his team is “big fans” of their essentials.

In response to Gerryts’ comments, Strong said:

“Oaken is one of the most innovative companies at the intersection of Ethereum and IoT, with several awards and partnerships to their credit.”

In addition, he expressed increased content in being able to work alongside a strong team that stresses the importance of security in all matters blockchain. To find out more on what the project has to offer, go to: https://www.zymbit.com/oaken/

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