The internet might be the central part of most people’s lives. However, there are still businesses that are still offline. The reason might be due to the unavailability of internet connections in some locations or the complexity and high cost of building a conventional website.

This characteristic is common in developing countries but even in the USA where there is available online infrastructure and support, 50% of small businesses have no websites or Facebook pages according to data from Go Daddy.

What Is Zypline?

ZYPLINE services Inc is a firm that has come up with a unique connection platform in collaboration with several browsers and mobile applications. The unique and new products will open a large market referred to as the content-while-calling market. The platform is set to be launched in the ENTERPRISER and on the SMB markets.

How Zypline Blockchain Connection Platform Works

The products will display information about a business instantly and direct on the screens of inbound callers as approved or posted by the phone number owner. The information is shown as the phone is ringing, if the call is on voice mail or if the call is terminated. While using the same phone number content can also be viewed from different apps on given browsers. Customers, visitors, and callers will see the up-to-date Information instantly.

ZYPLINE hopes to offer its product beyond the ENTERPRISE and SMB markets. With the advent of the new distributed processes and the cryptocurrency markets, the platform sees an opportunity to offer these products in this market. The platform has plans to adjust its current technology and the products and to offer them to the global, open and underserved market. With just a phone number, ZYPLINE hopes to get home businesses from their home platforms to a global market platform.

What Is Zypcoin App Token?

To achieve this goal ZYPLINE will use the Zypcoin that is a new app token. The token will be used to repurpose the existing applications, develop new ones and deploy a unique distributor/agent strategy that will meet the needs and processes of the new market. The result is that the market will benefit from increased online products and businesses.

Users will also be able to be part of this market and all they need to have is the mobile number of their preferred service provider. Additionally, e-commerce sites will participate in the global market without the need to set up websites, as the users will be able to view all their product and service on their mobile phones.

Zypcoin system is ideal for the large market businesses with no online presence. The simple online and e-commerce pages that can be viewed on mobile phones by users will ensure that these businesses will provide something for their online customers.

Zypcoin ZYP Token ICO Details

The Zypcoin presale is ongoing. The presale hopes to raise funds to finalize the initial products and distribution network and prepare for the larger crowd sale. The presale is open to accredited investors in the US and to other non-US persons where such an offer is allowed.

The minimum allowed investment is $50,000. The allowed discount is 40%. Investors can use USD, BTC, or ETH as a means of payment. The platform hopes to raise $10.0 million.

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